Today, data lakes have become an integral part of many organizations,
but analytics teams spend long cycles discovering, cleansing and standardizing data from siloed systems.
Data teams struggle with multiple tools to streamline data processing.

Inability to unify data silos from decentralized data sources across departments

Infinite existing data lakes without proper data lifecycle management

Multitude of data management tools that need to integrate with the data lakes

Different governance policies required for industry regulations and locations

Dataworkz helps organizations streamline the way data is discovered,
cataloged and transformed for analysis.




Find and profile data from different systems without any coding


Track how data was created, how it is being used, who is using it - when and how often


Automate the inventory of data assets stored in multiple data lakes


Consolidate the ability to search for data and metadata


Transform data using a self service experience and apply business rules for usage and consumption


Certify datasets, add comments and share usage metrics with data and business teams

Analytic pipeline

Pre-calculate data for dashboards and detect outliers as new data arrives

Governance and Security

Trust and secure de-centralized data and with visibility and control

Dataworkz Architecture



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