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Domain Name Choice Ideas provides this specialty service with several original, creative, and inspirational domain name choices for your next domain name for your project, business adventure, or product!


We will give you several choices of what domain names that are available at the time of our research and we also provide the extensions that are available at the time for each domain name.


It is your responsibility after purchase from,  to register that domain name or names as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind that domain names can be bought and sold all over the world at any time, so these choices are relative to the immediate time they were researched. and its employees are not responsible for the availability or non-availability, at the time of your purchase of one of those domain name(s) from any domain name registrar.


It is wise to have an original name, but you must be aware of bad spellings, combinations of words showing inappropriate word usage, choice of extensions, and much more. We can make helpful suggestions, but you ultimately will be purchasing the domain name and so the responsibility is yours.


For extensions, suggests the use of the .com domain first and foremost! Our second choices are .net and .us. And if your domain name has the option for you to purchase additional extensions and/or packages of extensions for that name, we advise you to get all of the main extensions at minimum, so that your competition doesn't purchase one or more of those extensions! This can be costly and the choice is yours!


Email us to get started and we will set you up with an invoice for purchase of this service!