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ECOVER DESIGN has been one of the original eBook Cover designers and providing original works of art. Whether you have your own images and design in mind or you choose to have a complete original design created for you, we provide choices and 3 different sizes for the complete finished product. WE also provide quick turn-around in as little as three days.


Here is what we offer:

  1.  eCover choice of 1 of several different styles of covers and we have many to choose from such as eBoxes, eBags, eBook covers, Rounded corners, Thick binder, Report covers, Flat faced covers, Slant covers, and many more
  2. Choice of custom original design or pre-made template
  3. Choice of graphic format/extension to be saved as.
  4. eCover with your graphics, text, and title arranged in different views for a choice of the best one
  5. eCover with Original Design, your choice of 1 of 3 choices provided by your Designer for your finished product
  6. eCover choice of 2 different styles of eCovers (Three choices to choose from for each different style)
  7. eCover choice of 4 different styles of eCovers (Three choices to choose from for each different style)
  8. Choice to work with either of our Designers, either Kris Williams or AmonMa'at
  9. Updated eCover purchase where designers can update your old eCover to a different size, format, style, or change. Limit to three change choices and designers must have designed your original eCover graphic image. 
  10. Watermarks added to eCover images
  11. Copyright to eCover images
  12. Cropping and changes to eCovers


We cannot copy or utilize someone elses image or design, since that is theft! But we will work with you to provide the best original custom design or exclusive template that we can!


Be sure to check out our gallery for examples of our eCover design work and drop us an email! We will get back to you quickly! You have a multitude of options and choices for your next eCover. What will you choose?