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Each eBook has  copyright, rules, and instructions located on the Contact Information page inside of every eBook, Hand Bound Book, and Product. Some of our products have PASSWORD DOCUMENTS, this document is for you only and is NOT to be Shared. and its subsidiaries sell different Rights to their products. These rights are labeled as NR (Non-Resell and READ ONLY), RR (Resell Rights), MRR (Master Resell Rights), PLR (Private Label Rights), G (Giveaway Rights), or can be labeled with NO RIGHTS! All additional Rights are labeled with each product and provided with the Contact Information page. Do NOT ASSUME rights! When in doubt, send us an email and ASK us for clarification!

Use of our products means you understand and will follow all rules, copyright, and instructions of the website and product. Most of our eBooks do not allow for further distribution or bundling, as well as others of the eBook itself and the original graphics contained within. will not tolerate theft and will prosecute to the furthest extent of the law. Please respect the rights of those who took the time to create the content of these products.

Most eBooks listed on our pages come in PDF format which means that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher to read the eBooks. We do not recommend 'Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader' for use of our eBooks as it can be tricky to open up the eBooks for viewing.  (In some cases PDF eBooks might not load properly or at all, and this is usually due to the fact that you must have only one version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer at a time.) Other eBook formats will be listed if the format of the eBook is not PDF, such as EXE. When  using an EXE eBook, you will not need any additional software to open up the eBook for viewing as it is an executable file, which when clicked on will open for viewing.

Sometimes people have had problems with the passwords when opening up our eBooks. It is important to follow all instructions given with the emails or downloading instructions. A flaw that has been noted with the PDF software is that in order to type in the case sensitive password, one must use the SHIFT KEY for capitalization of any letters and NOT THE CAPS LOCK KEY! Please keep this in mind.

We generally will try helping anyone who purchases one of our eBooks to the best of our knowledge; however, we do not have all the answers or solutions when using Adobe Acrobat software or any other software, due to the fact that it is not our software product (we only produce the eBooks with their software for the PDF formats) and will refer you to Adobe Acrobat to answer any further questions you might have in case you can not open your eBook or copy/paste or even extract out any eCovers or graphics . It is rare that a client has not been able to open the eBook or extract or copy/paste  out the eCovers/graphics. In most cases if any problems have arisen, it has been due to the FLAW mentioned above when putting in a password or the actual installation of several versions of the Adobe Acrobat Reader program found on a clients personal computer system. If our solutions do not work, please consult with Adobe Acrobat for additional product version help.


Policies  do not issue any refunds due to the nature of the business. Please make sure of your choices before ordering!

Please allow up to 48-72 hours for delivery of your electronic eBook(s). In most cases, automated delivery for digital files is completed with payment purchase or payment clearing. And please allow up to 2 weeks for the delivery of your Hand Bound eBooks and Pre-Released eBooks via snail mail or custom products.

In the event that we prosecute, we reserve the right to hold court in our locality only with all federal and state laws that are applicable.

Purchases are made through PayPal only. We are PayPal verified through our parent company, Payments are made in USD funds only.


Privacy Statement and its subsidiaries respect your rights to privacy. We do not sell or distribute your personal information at any time with the exception to you "opting-in" to any of our newsletters, email lists, or other data collection or sharing statistical data. We share statistical information with and its subsidiaries only.

We reserve the right to add to or to change the Privacy statement at any time, although we do not foresee changes anytime soon. If this policy is changed, we will update the policy herein and you are advised to check back on a regular basis.